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Scrap Yard Fast Pitch to Visit Santiago, Chile and Antofagasta, Chile

Conroe, TX – March 7th, 2018 – The Scrap Yard Fast Pitch Organization announced today that they have scheduled a second international trip to the country of Chile in cooperation with the Chilean Softball Federation. This South American visit will share the same primary goal as the Malaysian visit that will take place later this month. The goals are to help increase familiarity with softball and teach softball skills as a means of growing the game and introducing girls around the world to the many opportunities that the game of softball provides.

The first stop of the trip will be to Chile’s capital and largest city, Santiago. The Scrap Yard Fast Pitch representative will spend five days in Santiago working with several different groups. The list of events includes several practices with local teams where the Scrap Yard Fast Pitch Organization will work directly with players to help improve their skills. There will also be clinics and lectures with local Coaches, Umpires, and Scorekeepers to share knowledge on various coaching strategies, rules, and procedures associated with softball. The final day in Santiago will feature two games that the Scrap Yard Fast Pitch representative will help coach as well as a group lecture with all associated teams to close out the event.

On the sixth day of the trip the Scrap Yard Fast Pitch Organization will travel 1,300 kilometers up the Chilean coast to Antofagasta, Chile. This portion of the trip will last three full days and will include many similar sessions as in Santiago. These sessions include team practices as well as hands on training for local Coaches.

The Scrap Yard Fast Pitch Organization is very honored to continue to help grow the game of softball on an international level and looks forward to future opportunities.

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The Scrap Yard Fast Pitch was grown out of a desire to make professional softball opportunities for Women to make a living playing the game they love. It will begin competition in the summer of 2018, providing elite softball players the opportunity to pursue a professional career and inspire the next generation of professionals. Located in the Houston area, the Scrap Yard Organization and its players are committed to demonstrating leadership in community involvement, entertainment, and professionalism. Follow Scrap Yard Fast Pitch on Facebook (@ScrapYardFP), Twitter (@ScrapYardFP), or Instagram (@ScrapYardFP) to keep up with the latest happenings.

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