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Ringor Announced as SYFP Partner

Conroe, TX – May 21st, 2018- Scrap Yard Fast Pitch, LLC (SYFP), an independent women’s professional softball team, announced today that Ringor will be the team’s official shoe and sock for the 2018 season.

Ringor will provide a new shoe designed exclusively for SYFP that will be worn by the majority of their roster including star pitcher, Monica Abbott. Already a Ringor ambassador, Abbott made history by signing a record breaking $1 million contract in 2016. In 2017 Abbott and the Scrap Yard Dawgs won the 2017 NPF championship with a gritty performance from Monica and her teammates.

“Scrap Yard Fast Pitch is excited to partner with Ringor, a company that focuses solely on women’s fastpitch softball,” said Connie May, Director of Operations for Scrap Yard. “Ringor has always focused on the different needs of each individual player and how to best support them in their efforts both on and off the field, which is a goal we share. We are striving to create sustainable opportunities for players to earn a living while playing the game they love. Ringor understands our mission and supports us in those efforts.”

SYFP will compete this season against the best players in the United States and the world. Currently they are scheduled to play USA Softball, among others in the 2018 season. Competition will start for the team on June 8 and run through the summer.

“The fact that Scrap Yard Fast Pitch has chosen Ringor to be their shoe and sock of choice is an honor,” said Kirk Ihlenburg, CEO of Ringor. “Ringor has a long history of focusing on the players and making our products from their direct feedback to us. It is a privilege to work with these professional players. Developing a custom shoe exclusive to them makes it even more fun.” 

Ringor has been making custom shoes for Monica Abbott including her Signature Series shoe that is available to the public in August of each year, for a limited time. Ringor makes every shoe they sell to the exacting standards used by Abbott and her teammates.

“With the products Ringor makes we know that our players will be wearing shoes and socks that perform at the same level that they do,” May added. “When competing at the professional level, we want our player to be focused on the game and not their gear. Ringor provides us with the quality and performance our players need.”

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About Scrap Yard Fast Pitch

Scrap Yard Fast Pitch, LLC was established to create sustainable professional softball opportunities for elite female athletes so they could earn a living while playing the game they love. It will begin competition in the summer of 2018, not only providing elite softball players the opportunity to pursue a professional career, but to inspire future generations of professional softball players. Located in the Houston area, Scrap Yard Fast Pitch is committed to demonstrating leadership in community involvement, entertainment, and professionalism. Follow Scrap Yard Fast Pitch on Facebook (@ScrapYardFP), Twitter (@ScrapYardFP), or Instagram (@ScrapYardFP) to keep up with the latest happenings.

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